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Brand: ARS
What is the use of baby wipes?Sweat can clog the pores of your baby's delicate skin. In this case, baby wipes can come handy for a quick clean-up. They are a good alternative to bathing. They keep your child free of dust and sweat while moisturising their skin and soothing them i..
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What is Benzalkonium Chloride for:This medication is a topical antiseptic, prescribed for cold sore and fever blister. This medication prevents the spread of infection.How does Benzalkonium Chloride work:Germicidal for the treatment of cold soresfever blistersWhat do I do if I miss a doseCall your d..
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Brand: INPH
Baby cream is an emulsion of water and oil, which is used to protect a baby's tender and sensitive skin from irritation, dryness, and to keep the skin moisturised. An ideal baby cream is thick, but not too greasy. The baby cream is mainly used in the areas like che..
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Brand: INPH
Protects and softens baby?s skin.Strengthens baby?s nails and softens cuticles.Moisturizes and soothes baby?s delicate skin.Ideal for the sensitive baby skin.Benefits baby?s overall growth and development.Distinguishing Features: 100% Natural, Alcohol Free, Preservative Free, Mineral Oil Free..
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