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Fungal diastase 50MG+Pepsin 10MG/5ML (JAGZYME 100ML)


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Fungal diastase 50MG+Pepsin 10MG/5ML

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Improves digestion of dietary carbohydrates and proteins. - Helps in digestion of carbohydrates. - Enhances metabolic activities & helps in digestion.

What is fungal Diastase used for?
Fungal Diastase (fungal alpha amylase) has both liquefying and saccharifying actions on starch, liberating a mixture of glucose and maltose as digestion products. It is used as effective digestive aid. It digests carbohydrates along with dead white blood cells (PUS).
What does pepsin mean?
noun Biochemistry.

an enzyme, produced in the stomach, that in the presence of hydrochloric acid splits proteins into proteoses and peptones. a commercial form of this substance, obtained from the stomachs of hogs, used as a digestive, as a ferment in the manufacture of cheese, etc.

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